ABOUT - William T. Armstrong


At William T. Armstrong Photography Worldwide, our mission is to celebrate the earth’s beauty, majesty and dignity by creating stunning and evocative images.


William T. Armstrong is a freelance photographer. A Minnesota native, William has traveled extensively, capturing images from the African savanna to the Alaskan tundra. William's images have been prominently featured in galleries across the United States. His work was recently featured in the United Kingdom in the Winter 2016 edition of the Ultratravel Magazine. 

William's solo exhibition Imperiled: Images from the World's Vanishing Cultures can currently be seen at Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

William's photographic interests include travel photography, portraits, wildlife, landscapes and fine art nudes. A small portion of his work is displayed here. Please browse the portfolio. Many of the images displayed are available for sale, either in print form or as licensed images. If you have questions or are interested in making a purchase or arranging a photo assignment, please fill out the contact form or contact William via email.

Check back frequently for updates as William regularly adds images from the locations he has photographed.  

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